Eleanor Kerr-Patton unmasks trauma and mental illness through her introspective art jewellery

Created using ethically sourced materials

Kintsugi: knowing that something is more beautiful for having been broken

My latest collection of jewellery exploring the taboos surrounding mental health.

After experiencing trauma, followed by mental health struggles, I naturally turned to my art as a way to process these expereinces. For me mirrors represent the presented self. They are a literal reflection of how we wish to be seen, hiding beneath the surface is our true selves. By using whole, broken, and repaired mirrors, my new collection explores the different stages of mental health and the pressure to present a perfect image of yourself, when inside you are broken. Using the Kintsugi technique of repairing with gold, I have created pieces of jewellery which show the beauty in the broken. I want people who struggle with depression, anxiety, every mental health problem there is, to know that they are not alone, and that they are beautiful.

Hidden Damage pendant £445

Just Me? Bracelet £525

Healing Process necklace £1670

Healing earrings £250

Healing ring £170

Transform your jewellery for the perfect piece


The For Others collection is inspired by a trip to the Southampton lighthouse in Bermuda, and reading the quote:"A lighthouse is for others, powerless to illuminate the space closest to it." This tied so beautifully to Eleanor's interest in why we wear jewellery and how we use it to communicate that it inspired her entry into the Charman Prize competition and a full collection of jewellery which can be dismantled and put together again to communicate or illuminate what the wearer chooses.

Each piece is made with secure clasps to turn a necklace into earrings for example, and each gem stone has a small handmade screw attached so it can be removed and exchanged with a different gem.


18ct gold, garnet and silver

18ct gold, garnet and silver

18ct gold, garnet and silver

18ct gold, garnet and silver

18ct gold, garnet and silver

18ct gold, garnet and silver

Specialist in custom design

Eleanor's training in both traditional goldsmith techniques and contemporary design combine beautifully in her custom work. She will work one on one with each client to design and make the perfect piece. Anything from setting a coin to engagement rings, to key rings to remodeling old jewellery. Eleanor can create an entirely new design, or customize and existing piece to your specifications.

Eleanor will first meet with clients to consult on what they want, some people have a strong vision, others have a concept, either way Eleanor talks with them, looks at images and works to come up with some design ideas. She will then present them with scale sketches of the final design before starting work on the piece itself.

Please get in touch if you're interested in commissioning Eleanor to make something special for you, or have any questions about the process.

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