Sick! Living with invisible illness

I have had the honour of taking part in Sick! and exhibition by artists with first hand experience of invisible illness.

"Created by maker Zara Carpenter with artist and curator Matt Bray the exhibition will act as a vehicle to open up the conversation about living with invisible illness, in order to reduce the stigma around the subject and encourage those who suffer from it to come out of the shadows and stop being invisible. The project is also being supported by Rikard Osterlund and Xtina Lamb.

We are of the belief that this conversation is important not only for those who have these conditions and who suffer in silence or are misunderstood because of lack of information, but to those who are doing the misunderstanding. Often our family or friends have an invisible illness, but we have no idea because it’s just not spoken about.

We chose the name Sick! for the exhibition because we didn’t want something that felt bleeding heart or maudlin. The exhibition will try and tackle this difficult and important issue with humour, irreverence and a directness that we feel is reflected in the title Sick!"

Check out the blog which is full of interesting articles and info about the show

We've had an amazing response so far, and my conversation with people who have visited the show have reminded me of why I am doing this and that I can make a difference.

Nouvelle Box have done a beautiful write up which you can read here

And there have been some other lovely press coverage of the show.

MedwayMessenger-20170731-SICK-press 1.jpg
 Both from the Medway Messenger

Both from the Medway Messenger