"Conceptual Art, simply put, had as it's basic tenant an understanding that Artists work with meaning, not with shapes, colours, or materials."

Joseph Kosuth


Creating contemporary, collectable art jewellery.
Eleanor uses ethically sourced precious metals combined with nontraditional materials to explore her own experience of trauma and mental illness, using her work to bring these subjects to the public eye. 

Combining an exploration of the mind with a desire to create beautiful wearable jewellery, Eleanor creates one of a kind pieces of wearable art from her Edinburgh based studio.


Call or email Eleanor to find out about her designs and creative process, or stop by the studio for a free consultation at: 

The Silverhub Studio, unit 14, Abbeymount, 2 easter Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5AN

The Artist

Portrait by Meredith Andrews

Eleanor Kerr-Patton
Designer | Maker | Goldsmith


About the artist

Eleanor has been designing and making jewellery for over 10 years, first studying a BA(hons) in jewellery and metalwork at Bucks New Uni, then going on to work for two prestigious goldsmiths in Bristol, UK, before moving to Bermuda in 2012. She worked for another jeweller for a number of years before branching out to launch her business in 2016.

With a long history of working as a jeweller, artist Eleanor Kerr-Patton demonstrates a unique approach to jewellery as a wearable art form. Graduating in 2009 she has since contributed to noted UK and international exhibitions. Her work is part of many personal collections, she has been selected as a designer to watch by Not Just a Label and was the recipient of an Arts Council bursary to exhibit in 'Sick! Living with invisible illness'

Eleanor combines traditional goldsmith skills and conceptual design in her Edinburgh studio. Using her signature techniques of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing pottery with lacquer and gold dust, and skilled technical stone setting she creates striking, beautiful and thought provoking art jewellery.

By applying Kintsugi to mirrors rather than pottery, Eleanor explores her own experiences with mental illness and recovery. The philosophy of the technique treats damage and repair as part of the history of the object, rather than something to disguise.

Her pieces combine ethically sourced precious metals and nontraditional materials creating a collection of jewellery which can be worn as an outwardly visible representation of a journey often invisible to others.



Along side her mental health awareness work, creating and running an ethical and sustainable business is a core value of Eleanor Patton Jewellery. See her Ethical Policy for more information.

Custom work

Eleanor welcomes the creative challenge of making a unique piece of custom jewellery. She has made wedding and engagement rings, bespoke necklaces and earrings which have been anywhere from one of a kind to a reinvention of a current design, so get in touch for a free consultation if you have an idea in mind, and Eleanor will talk you through each step of the process.


Awards and recognition


Selected as Black Sheep by Not Just a Label

Arts Council Bursary to take part in Sick! Living with invisible illness


2018 Qualified as Mental Health First Aider

2016 established my own business:

2016 Jewellery workshops, Bermuda.

2014-2016 Freelance bench jeweller.

2013-2014 Head goldsmith and workshop manager for Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery.

2012-2013 Acting manager, workshop manager and senior goldsmith at Clifton Rocks jewellery gallery.

2011-2012 Outworker to Clare Chandler, owner of Clifton Rocks jewellery gallery.

2011-2012 bench jeweller at Nicholas Wylde Goldsmiths.

2010 Representative of the Lesley Craze Gallery at the Collect exhibition in the Saatchi.

2009-2010, Gallery assistant at the Lesley Craze gallery in London.


April 2016, two-day intensive course in advanced stone setting techniques at Rio Grande jewellery suppliers in USA.

2011- 2012, on the job training as a traditional Goldsmith in repairs and commissions with both Nicholas Wylde and Clifton Rocks.

2010, “Work in Progress” sales and business course for independent jewellers at Holts Academy

 2009, Self-taught Keum Boo techniques of fine gold fusing.

2006-2009, Jewellery Design and fabrication, BA honors, Buckingham New University, High Wycombe

2005-2006, Foundation Art Diploma, Wimbledon School of Art, London

2005, Rings design short course, Richmond Adult Community College, London

2002 Body Jewellery design and fabrication course, Central St Martin’s University of Art and Design, London

Creating a sustainable and ethical business model, particularly as a jeweller, is just as important as creating innovative work. 

Eleanor strives to use the most environmentally friendly option within her studio practice:

  • 90-100% recycled Silver and Gold
  • Fair trade gold
  • Diamonds from certified mines in accordance with the Kimberly Agreement
  • Non-toxic studio chemicals
  • Packaging made from 100% recycled paper and card
  • Eco-friendly print materials 
  • Web and domain hosting with an ethically aware company
  • Studio waste recyclcing my Changeworks

Creating awareness by promoting this aspect of her business, Eleanor hopes to make people in general more aware of the options available to them as customers and drive for ethical sourcing to become the norm in the industry.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Eleanor's Ethical Policy or want to know more about sourcing gems and precious metals.